Protect Open Space in Marin – Without Increasing Taxes

Vote YES on Measure A to protect parks, rolling hills, shorelines, wetlands, streams, natural lands and wildlife habitat throughout Marin County, without increasing taxes. 

Measure A gives us local control over our needs here in Marin County. Independent citizen oversight, mandatory financial audits and annual reports will ensure all Measure A funds are spent as promised.


Measure A will extend existing local funding that will continue to maintain local Marin parks and open space areas, maintain and improve trails and playgrounds and protect Marin communities from the threat of wildfire.


Without Measure A, parks and preserves, watersheds, shorelines and natural lands will suffer degradation, loss of public access and reduction of maintenance and services.

Your YES vote is critical.
Measure A will:


  • Manage vegetation to reduce wildfire risk and protect biodiversity

  • Protect streams, baylands, natural areas and wildlife habitat

  • Maintain and care for Marin County parks and open space

  • Improve and maintain walking, hiking, biking and equestrian trails


Strong Fiscal Oversight Will Continue:


  • Independent citizen oversight, mandatory financial audits and annual reports

  • No funds can be taken away by the State


All Marin residents and visitors will benefit from Measure A. Visitors from outside Marin County will pay their fair share to fund the park and open space services they enjoy.


Measure A protects Marin’s parks, rolling hills, shorelines, wetlands, natural lands, wildlife habitat and farmland throughout the county. It has taken decades to build the system of parks, open space and protected farmland we have today. These lands are a living legacy and it’s essential that we renew our investment in them.

Join community leaders, elected officials, business owners and longtime Marin County residents in voting YES on Measure A.